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The Security Guards or Guards who will take charge of the property at all time,including the life inside their Area of Responsibility(AOR) under republic act 5487,Private Security Agency Law.The Guards acted as one of the very important personnels in our community assigned in their individual post.Its a kind of profession that I will called as noble.They are ready to give their lives because of theirs profession.

Security Guards are also professional,before they assign to the post.They will undergo thorough training from the Academy.And they have papers to comply before they have a license as professional Guards.They equipped with the knowledge and abilities to perform their responsibilities in any condition of their area of responsibilities.By manner of discipline and conduct and to handle the civilian authority.

All the Security Guards are equipped with this knowledge inculcated in their hearth and mind.The 11 General Order.These are one of the basics of the Security Guards during their tour of duties.

  • To take charge of the post and all company properties in view
  • To walk during my tour of duties in military manner,keeping always on alert and observing everything that takes place within sight or hearing
  • To report all violation of orders that I'm instructed to enforce
  • To repeat all calls from post more distance from the guard house where I am station
  • To quit my post only when I'm properly relieve
  • To receive obey and pass on to the relieving guards,all orders from the company officials,supervisors,post incharge and chief leaders
  • To talk to no one except on the line of duties
  • To sound the alarm in case of fire and destruction
  • To call the superior officers in any case not covered by instructions
  • To salute all company officials,superior of the agency,public officials,commission officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police
  • To be especially watchful during at night,and during the time of challenging,to challenge all persons on or near my post,and to allow no one to pass on without proper authority 

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