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Microsoft Office 2003 Basic Parts

Posted by Arnel Cartoneros at 8:14 AM

As we go on in our tutorials, actually I'll going to post how to create facebook account.But I will leave this first because one asking me how to use the font of Microsoft office.Occationally, we have two version of Microsoft office as common in our computer as our word processing of our computer office application.Now, because in my computer I have only MS-Office 2003, I will post that later in the coming days.

Just study and familiarize the picture that I inserted here in this post.Because learning in the application we must memorize or yet to familiarize the basic part.And remember always that before applying any buttons or command you must to highlight first the text or paragraph.
Now the basic Parts are:
(I included to name the whole buttons of the 2 most important bar of the MS-office 2003 application)

  1. Menu Bar: Situated below of the title bar of the MS- office Interface: this is use to select different application, such as formats, file as you are going to setup page or pagesetup, see the image above.
  2. Standard Tool Bar: Situated below the menu bar: this are all standard or common command that could be use in office application, such as save button as where you save your files, new button as you want to open a new templates, print as to print your documents or print a hardcopy, see image above.
  3. Formating Tool Bar: Situated below the standard tool bar: this could be use to format your application.The word format is to change any appearance of your text, paragraphs,put a borders, font style, font size, number list, etc, see the image left.
"Just follow this blog for my nest tutorial of how to use the MS-Office Both 2003 and 2007"

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