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NC2Q&E The oral interview is the most crucial and very interesting part of the exam of NC2. Students must be prepared during and before the exam. All the possible subject must be practice both the Oral Interview or called Q and A and the actual application that the assessors may possibly given to the examiners. Aside about the hardware questions like the question about the motherboard or MOBO by naming the parts of it including the use and functions. There are other questions where possibly question to you and that you need to know it and aware of it because the exam is very time consuming.

This post that I publish here is not the actual questions during the exam but all the lines of questions that remembered and learn of it, I wrote here and this will help you to learn of it. But there are no answers provided here. You need to study it and you need to found the answers using your effort and stock knowledge during your training and schooling of universities and government schools. If you search this site there are lot of post here that you can knowledge of it and most of all ideas. All the possible acronyms and abbreviations found in the GLOSSARY of this site. Just study it and memorize it or you need to familiar all the parts that once you see it you can explain it intellectually to your assessor. So just read the following lines of questions below.
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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Change Download Destination

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chromeDownloadDistination yahoobrowser One of the common use of the internet browser is to download files came from the internet sites, the word “download” is to get a certain files came from a site down to your computer drive. And the default download drive destination is the My Documents folder that commonly seen in the Desktop of our computer in all windows versions. This default destination to download a files is located in the drive c: partition which is the partition or a stationary drive of the Operating System. This drive is intended only for the files and folders of the operating system and basically all the program files are stored in one of the folder of the operating system called Programs. This drive could be filled with files and data or no space available or virtual memory full if all the data, files including internet files(pictures or movie), stored in this location. And this drive also is the centered of the virus infiltration that can harm to your download files or else your download files carried a virus files. But basically you need to update your virus scanner to avoid a serious damage cause by this virus. But in the other hand, a full storage of drive can cause damage or corrupt program manage by your operating system. And one of the cause of a full drive storage is our downloaded files came from a internet sites.
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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Microsoft Office Color Scheme

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Microsoft PowerPoint
As you open your Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint you will see a default color of blue and the font. Using this color scheme the name of the menus particularly the name of every ribbon bar is not clear. And also it creates an over brightness of our eyesight that probably create disturbance.  
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word

To resolve this disturbances to our eyesight in using the Microsoft Office, this application is built-in with the color scheme that you can change anytime you want to change the default view to a new view of the User Interface of our eyesight.Either you can change to other two color scheme available such as the black and silver color. Same as the image shown above of this post.

So, to see is to believe just follow the giant instruction below of this post.
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Friday, June 20, 2014

Microsoft Excel Multiple IF Function

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multipleIF Yesterday, I was posted about the IF function of the Microsoft Office Excel using the 2007, 2003, or even 97 versions that you can use to perform a logical calculations of your worksheet data. Now another use of the Microsoft Excel using the IF function is the multiple IF functions.

This is understood that you can perform a series of multiple conditions base of your logical reference of your worksheet data using the logical test of greater than or equal to or like this (>=). This logical function can perform a multiple list of conditions using the autofill tab by dragging your mouse downward after your syntax is logically correct base of your product entry of your worksheet.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Microsoft Office Excel IF Function

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if function Microsoft Office Excel is widely use in our community. It is a common use as a simulation of spreadsheets paper. This is a part of automation in our office works as widely use in calculation. There are hundreds of formulas built-in in this programs to meet our needs in our worksheets of data, from simple to more complex application of formula such as the logical. This is common to the programming flatform of computer from basics to advance such as the coding of the database.

Logical function is a form of different conditions itself to meet an exact decision of data without changing its reference data in a worksheets. It can decides even it is hundreds of  range of data in a single worksheet using the autofill. It can decides even nested in different logical operators both addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Microsoft Excel Chart Application

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Creating Chart One of the most common use of the Microsoft Office 2007 and the rest of all versions is the Charts. This is use to analyze or determine a mode or data behavior for a certain application. The application commonly applied using a percentage of data whether it is lower or higher or it is gradually decreasing or increasing.

In Microsoft Excel 2007 it is very easy to create a professional looking chart using the worksheet area in a single workbook. Simply by using a chart type, there are lot of available chart type that you can click inside the ribbon menu. Such as the column, line, pie, bar, area, scatter, and other charts embedded and ready to use such as the radar chart.You can either select a professional looking charts template using the windows button at the top left portion of the user interface of the MS-Excel, then click new menu and in the left bar you can select now a template for your worksheet data.

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