Tuesday, April 1, 2014


“Left all alone in space, silence was her only companion. Stone, losing the will to survive, still had enough to survive and cheat death”- by: Jeth Romel

Doctor Ryan Stone, a medical engineer, accompanied by veteran astronaut Mike Kowalski, had her first space shuttle mission aboard the Space Shuttle Explorer.During a spacewalk, their team was warned about a Russian missile strike on an unused satellite,which made a cloud debris in space. An order to abort the mission was given to avoid any destruction. Unfortunately, they were to slow for the high-speed debris coming their way.

High- speed debris, with some having a size of a monster truck, while some having a size of a giant rock not bigger than a boulder, struck the space shuttle, and detaches Stone from it and left her spinning and floating through space. Kowalski used a Manned Maneuvering Unit(MMU) and recovered Stone. They soon made their way back to the space shuttle and had a tragic, disastrous, horrifying discovery. Explorer did’nt survive the rain of debris, neither did the crew.
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Garbage Display Failure of Computer

One of the most problematic problem that I was encountered of computer video is the garbage failure of the VGA adapter. Probably you will encounter also this problem if you never know this or encounter this problem before. This failure of the VGA adapter may cause even of the different type of the VGA you are using in your computer. Such as PCI the old type VGA, AGP or the Accelerated Graphic Ports, and the New VGA adapter called PCI’e that commonly we use this day of the Windows 7 and 8 edition of the Operating System.
The display of your monitor screen even it is CRT(Cathode Ray Tube), LCD(Liquid Crystal Display), or even LED has a display of a scattered character, see the video here: Garbage Display Failure Of Computer. The cause of the problem happen once the GPU(Graphical Processor Unit), the microchip on the center of the VGA that commonly have an airblock mounted of it cause an over temperature. One of the cause of the problem is a dust buildup of the computer through the VGA and the cooler fan of the heatsink is also weak or cannot perform to blow outside the heat of the GPU. Now once you turn on your computer then once it will perform a POST(Power On Self Test). The display of the computer is scattered, meaning the POST display is garbage.
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Thursday, March 20, 2014


MS-inFOpath What is Microsoft Office InfoPath? if you notice that the installed Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 Enterprise, 2010, and 2013 versions of the Microsoft Office in our computer is the InfoPath. We not paid attention to this software because we focus only in using the most common application the Microsoft Office word processing, Excel, and the PowerPoint. This application is one of the family of the Microsoft Office that installed or package in a CD installer that we bought. This MS-Office application is a software application for designing, distributing, filling, and submitting electronic forms containing structural data. Is a ready to use tools embedded inside of the User Interface that can be drag to the template. There are various controls that we can use, (see the image left side) are bound to use in the design templates in which featured the WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) in a from designer arrange in a Hierarchical Tree folders and data fields.

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Cleanup Laptop Drowned During Flood

InternalPartofLaptop Flood is imminent and mostly cannot prepare to secure our appliances and gadgets. One of the most valuable thing that we need to keep is our laptop or notebook. During flood this gadgets is obviously may the victims of flood and particularly drowned in the contaminated water inside in our place. If this would be happen you can save your laptop to permanently damage if you have responded to clean it immediately. It needs to be clean immediately the moment after the flood. Remove immediately the battery to avoid spark of the motherboard system.Do not wait of a week or in a days to dried the laptop because it will cause corrosion of the pin of the semiconductor IC or in the different contact pin of the laptop. And avoid to test it or power up the laptop if you could not dismantle it for a washing of the entire board. Just consider the below instruction of to clean and wash the Laptop/Notebook.

The instructions:
  1. Just remove first the battery pack of the laptop/notebook
  2. Remove also the ram(memory modules) in the compartment at the back of the Laptop/Notebook 
  3. Remove also the Hard disk and be careful in handling this your important files stored in this drive. Do not attempt to wash this device just clean it with a piece of cloth and use a mechanical thinner. If you know how to remove the circuit board just remove it and wash using a soft and a clean running water.
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Repair charging mode failure of the Asus Memo Pad

The advancement of the technology is very fast and the needs of the user(us) is very influence. From the use of the computer PC, Portable computer, Notebook, and gadgets such as the very well noon operating system of it called Android and IOS from Iphone. Buying this gadgets needs a certain budgets that to much high cost of our wallets and during unpacking of this gadgets include now the budget once the troubled encountered in the future use. Using a gadgets such as this ASUS Memo Pad we must take safety in using this. Not for the seek of our self safety but to the gadget itself because it will hindrance to our budget daily. Because you will budgets for the repair of the gadgets that have trouble.
Now I will tell you one of the common trouble of the ASUS Memo Pad Model KOW(ME172V). The cause of the trouble is because of the drain of the battery. Probably because we forget to charge the Memo Pad before to use it. Consider the below list of the cause of trouble:
  1. Charging failure cause with the fluctuation came from the source voltage AC outlet
  2. Forgot to charge the MEMO pad before we use it for a games and application and suddenly the gadgets turnoff
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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Use Dropbox Just as USB Flash Drive

Dropbox Many of us struggled and cause headache after we save our files to our USB flash drive. Or in our drive of a computer then suddenly our files vanished or could not be open. This is because either the compatibility issue of a program we use is not compatible. Such as the file extensions or the source file. Other damage cause by a VIRUS(Vital Information Resource Under Seize). To avoid this such situation and one of the answer is to backup your files. Not a backup that the destination where to save the important is the same in our computer. It is also correct but you need to transfer the backup files to the other source storage. One the most common is by copying the files and data to the CD/DVD drive.

But now this generation another source of storage that we can use to stored our files using the Internet. The same with the Google called drive and MSN(Microsoft Service Network)called Skydrive. The purpose why it’s build through the Internet called cloud storage is to use as a backup storage of our files.
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