Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Microsoft One Drive For Cloud Storage

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Microsoft OneDrive Site

Information is a universal task we need information to fulfill something needs, and we did to keep it in safety vault. And we thought safety but we cannot assured that it will gone soon in the midst of time. It vanish and we begin scratching our head. Sometime it happen this because were limited of storage. We have USB Flash drive but limited in capacity and very prone of viruses surrounded us both online and offline use of our computer. In line of technology of using the information through computer this is natural and living, technology is double bladed sword.

We thank of the Microsoft is innovating a site of the internet that we can safety vault our data using the internet. An online file hosting service that allow us to upload files and synchronize files to a cloud storage using our browsers. Unlike other cloud storage such as dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive offered a highest storage amounting to 15 GB for free of a new users.

To start to use this cloud storage of the Microsoft just open this link in your browsers or click this link: OneDrive, you can start by signing up using the internet site.
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How To Repair NTLDR Missing Of Your Windows

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NTLDR means Windows NT loader is a boot loader of the Windows NT Operating, including Microsoft Windows Experience and Windows 2003. The Personal Computer or other machines designs to load the startup files after the POST (Power On Self Test). This is stored primarily in the first hard drive or a master drive of computer located in the drive c:. This file is being loaded every now and then once your powerup the computer as boot loader. And even in the Optical drives, USB Drive, FDD, or even in a ZIP drive once it use as the primary drive of Operating System.


Our computer may encountered this trouble once we powerup and there are any other means why it cause and error. Either it is cause by a wrong boot drive, example USB flash drive, CD-ROM, Microfloppy Diskette, and even in the HDD where the Operating System is reside. That it is not properly configured during the boot process or not a startable files.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Prevent Users To Access In Unsafe Sites

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BlockSites1 The use of Internet is both a positive and negative purpose but it’s for business purpose for us. But at the backend of this, business word have two perfect much and this for good and bad or positive and negative purpose. Many users got bad experience regardless of how they use or surf the internet because of the word purpose which much in our mine using the Internet browser and the Search Engine of a certain sites. But actually beyond of this it help or it help to do people doing bad or make violations against people or to his/here work. And that’s why we need to create a certain idea how to prevent this or how to block this, not in a purpose to draw them out of the internet. But actually our users prevent them not to getting access of that site.

This is also helpful to the company needs to prevent their employees not getting access to the sites that could bothered to their working responsibilities. Such as getting access of the social network, example to the facebook and Youtube that may hindrance of the operations of the employees and through their working loads time.

So, how to do this and what we are needed to equip our computer or our computer network to prevent our users to access in unsafe and prohibited sites? Just follow the simple procedures below:

First option: Set to disabled the cookies using your browsers
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Maintain Power Supply Unit

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One of the most important part of the computer is the Power Supply Unit or PSU. This device acts as responsible of converting, commonly in the Philippines is 220-240 Alternating Current Voltages. It will converted down to low level voltages called Direct Current Voltages of computer. Commonly rated as +12, –12, +5, –5, 3.3 DCV standard use to function the computer systems. Inside of this device it is built with variety of electronic components, such as the electronic circuit board and the exhaust fan serves as the cooler or the blower of the temperature to maintain the normal temperature of the electronic components, such as the transformer, capacitors, and transistors. The common cause of the failure of this device is the dust buildup inside. That will cause failure of the exhaust fan coil, because of the stoppage inside and this is because of the locking of lubricant. And this is the start of the weakness of the electronic parts that sensitive of over heat temperature such as the output capacitors that have only 150 degrees Celsius. If this happen to your computer it will cause to restart randomly and this will cause to corrupt and hang- up of the Operating System’s of the computer. That will cause failure of the HDD in the next days of using of your computer.
To avoid this unpredicted failure that probably cause of the burning also of the exhaust fan coil inside of the PSU, we need to perform a maintenance of the PSU by removing the dust buildup inside and check the rotation of the exhaust fan that will rotate freely counter clock wise. Follow the steps below of this post.

1. Open your system case (CPU).

2. Remove the power supply unit, but before to remove be sure that the power cord is unplug and remove the ATX power connector of the Motherboard.
3. Remove the 4 screws position above side by side or above the PSU.
4. Remove the Exhaust Fan by removing the 4 screws holding the Exhaust fan.
5. And Remove also the electronic circuit board.
6. Remove the dust buildup of it using a paint brush.
7. And check any initial burning of the electronic parts.
8. Put a lubricant grease of the exhaust fan by removing the sticker and remove the small rubber cap.
9. Then if all function of the PSU is normal, assemble the PSU and test it.
10. Use a paper clip and jumper the green wire and black to power-up the PSU.
11. Use a Multitester to measure the voltage DC output of the PSU.
12. If the voltages is normal and correct as I said above assemble it in the CPU and run and test the computer.
13. And if the computer is running normally, your done now.

That’s it see you in next post. “End”    
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

How To Maintain Video Cards

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The video Cards or Video Graphics Adapter is one of the main hardware of the computer. This is responsible to process the display of the monitor screen in different application, example the games of the computer that popular to the other user and the most of all to the children's. But in the motherboard of the computer their is one of the built-in ports of the VGA but it is limited only of Gigabytes. So it is understood that will not compatible to the system requirements of the other program, example for the games. So this device of the computer is one of the budget of our wallet, and we need to care of this to stay longer of this device of our computer so that no other budgets again for this by performing maintenance of our computer and through the video card.

Just see the pictures I posted here and perform by following the instruction below. And be sure that you have knowledge in technical works.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How To Restore Iphone In Factory Default

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Iphone082514 Restoring your Iphone Operating System(IOS) in factory default is a last recourse after your Iphone encountered trouble same as the image I posted in this post. Or else you tried to restore all settings using your phone without knowing that it will cause so much damage of your Iphone after it will started. Now by downloading and installing new version of ITunes in Windows 7 operating system using your Notebook or PC may resolve the problem of your Iphone. You can use ITunes to restore in factory settings but restoring your Iphone it will deletes all your data and content stored in your device including songs, videos, contacts, photos, and calendar info.

To avoid this situational problem you need to backup your data and files stored in your Iphone. And consider below statements before restoring your device.
  1. Make sure that you’re using a latest version of ITunes. You can open this site filehippo.com
  2. Use ITunes to backup your device and transfer and sync any additional content to your computer.
  3. Turn off Find my Iphone in settings> iCloud on your device to disable Activation Lock.  
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